2013 AGR1 - Delivering Education and Health - Nov 2019

Governance Commission-Liberia


The Commission is required by its enabling legislation to prepare and publish an Annual Governance Report. This report should be based on an objective assessment of governance initiatives in the various sectors. In carrying out this mandate, the Commission is interested in recommending measures that contribute to ensuring that the various sectors are organized to promote good governance. In so doing, they are expected to be effective, inclusive and participatory, transparent, and promotive of equity and integrity  in their processes of providing public goods and services. The goals and objectives against which the performance of ministries and agencies are considered are those stated within the national development plans of such ministries and agencies of government as they are situated within the Agenda for Transformation, the National Reconciliation Roadmap and couched within the National Vision 2030.
In this Governance Review, the Commission conducted a service and governance satisfaction review among the ultimate service beneficiaries of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. It also assessed the demand for good governance from a citizens’ perspective. To do this, the Commission implemented a Community Score Card (a hybrid technique combining a social audit technique and a Citizen Report Card) in five counties. In each county, 8 representative communities were selected (the county center, 3 peri-urban and 4 rural/remote communities); 939 community members were interviewed on primary education issues, which is a statistically relevant number of respondents (at a confidence level of 95%); 108 teachers were interviewed along with 40 principals. One hundred and fifity four  focus group discussions were held involving both citizens and front line service providers from the education sector.

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