The Physical Library holds important books that address topical development issues. These books cover a wide range of contemporary subjects on development, Public Budgeting, women and policy. They also address development in relation to agriculture, industrialization and service delivery. These books are specifically invaluable to both development finance researchers and students taking courses in Development Economics, International Financial Development Policy, Economic Policy Management and Development Studies.

These books will also provide you with insight and in-depth understanding of governance issues, civic and political education, management and service delivery, infrastructure, public policy analysis, Leadership, Democracy, poor governance and etc. Books available on our shelves include but are not limited to the following:

The Architecture of Democracy, BY: Andrew Reyonlds, 2019,

Poor Leadership and Bad Governance By: Ludger Helms, 2012,

Public Governance and Leadership, Rainer Koch/John Dixon, 2007,

Public Policy Analysis and Alternatives By: Michael E. Kraft/Scott R. Furlong, 2016,

Civic Education and Competences for Engaging Citizens in Democracies, By: Murray Print and Dirk Lange, Why Government Fails So Often, Peter H. Schuck, 2014  

The Bottom Billion, why the poorest Countries are Failing and What Can be Done About it. By: Paul Collier, 2007




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